Review: Seed Savers – Treasure – Sandra Smith |English and Italian

seed savers treasure

Trama | Plot

Two kids, two bikes, and an idea they can change their world.

It’s 2077. There’s no apocalypse, but some things are different. Things like the weather, the internet, and food. In twelve-year-old Clare’s world, blueberry is just a flavor and apples are found only in fairy tales.

Then one day Clare meets a woman who teaches her about seeds and real food. Ana tempts Clare with the notion that food exists other than the square packaged food she has always known. With Ana’s guidance, Clare and her friends learn about seeds and gardening despite suspicions that such actions are illegal.

When the authorities discover the children’s forbidden tomato plant and arrest their mother, Clare and her brother flee. Clare has heard of a place called “The Garden State,” and with their bikes, a little money, and backpacks, the children begin a lonely cross-country journey that tests them both physically and spiritually. Will they succeed in their quest to find a place of food freedom? And can they, only children, help change the world?

Treasure is a gentle dystopian, frightening only in the possibility that we may not be far from the future it paints. First in a five book series.

Italian Review

Seed Savers – Treasure di Sandra Smith è una specie di distopico middle grade che mi ha colpito per la sua particolarità.
In un mondo in cui il cibo come lo conosciamo noi non esiste ed è vietato, dei bambini scoprono l’esistenza dei semi, vengono istruiti da una donna di nome Ana al loro funzionamento e studieranno i prodotti che possono nascere dalle piante e dagli alberi tramite versi della bibbia e tramite conoscenze che arrivano dal passato.

Una trama che all’apparenza potrebbe risultare poco interessante, in realtà si rivela una vera e propria lezione per i più piccoli. Quale modo migliore per far imparare loro cose nuove, se non con un libro che non li obbliga a studiare ma solo a prestare attenzione?

Lo stile di scrittura mi è piaciuto molto, un inglese semplice e adatto al pubblico a cui il libro è rivolto.


English Review

Seed Savers – Treasure by Sandra Smith is a sort of Dystopian middle grade story that struck me by its particularity.
In a world where food as we know it is forbidden and doesn’t exist, some children discover the existence of seeds, a woman named Ana will instruct them about them and together they will study the products that plants and trees can produce, trought Bible and experiences that come from the past.

A plot that apparently may not be interesting, turns out to be a real lesson for the little ones.
What better way to make them acquire new knowledge, if not a book that doesn’t force them to study but only to pay attention to a story?

I liked the writing style very much, a simple English and suitable for the public to whom the book is aimed.



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